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Instructional Resources

K-12 Instructional Resources

DeKalb County School District Virtual Toolbox

Georgia Department of Education

(Learning Tasks, Formative Assessment, Lessons, and


Georgia Online Assessment System

Formative and Summative Assessments

Georgia Virtual Learning (Secondary)

Annenberg Learner

Links to Learning

Georgia Criterion- Referenced Competency Tests (CRCT)

Grades 3-8


End of Course Tests

Grades 8-12



First in Math


Reflex Math - Elementary

GIZMOS – Middle and High School

Learn Zillion

Inside Mathematics

(Tasks, Problems and Videos)


learning guides, college readiness and test prep materials

English Language Arts

Curriculum Based Measurements reading-math-assesment-tests

Learn Zillion

Common Core Lessons

Read ~Write~ Think~


CRCT Review Games

Grade 3 Science Jeopardy


Grade 4 Science Jeopardy science-review

Grade 5 Science Jeopardy


Grades 2-5 General Themes

Explore Learning Gizmos: Username and Password needed

Social Studies


CRCT: Quizlet

World Languages

Elementary Spanish

French resources

EnvironnementEnvironmentalvocabulary rk_fset.htm Video and quiz about housework ment_fset.htm Video and quiz about environment Daily videos

Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education (CTAE)

CTAE Resources

SAT Prep for Mathematics

Provides a wealth of information for each tested domain

along with helpful tips and question of the day


Contains information regarding understanding the scoring of

the SAT along with math tips on problem solving

References several pdf files pertaining to formulas, must-

know vocabulary, and a few quizzes

Provides an insight on the structure of the SAT along with

explanations and examples on tested math concepts

Provides detailed information regarding each format of the

Math Section of the SAT along with sample questions and points to remember

Provides an opportunity to test your skills but also gives you

a reference section per problem as a helpful tool to understand the math concept

Provides numerous free math study guides per domain and


SAT Prep for Social Studies

Provides content practice questions (search modules then social studies)

Supports content and vocabulary support (search social science and flashcards)

Measures knowledge of the 250 most common vocabulary

words on the test

App- SAT Vocab Challenge Vol. 2

Provides 1,000 high-frequency SAT words for free

App- SAT Vocab Cards:

Offers a fun, competition-based question answering

structure, including over 2,000 SAT questions

App- SATLadder

SAT Prep for English Language Arts and World Languages

Provides the top 100 SAT words for SAT/ACT


Provides SAT vocabulary lists and practice, writing topics

and sentence examples


Provides top 100 SAT words, definitions, origins, and

sentence use

SAT Prep for Science

Supports science content and vocabulary support (search science flashcards)

Provides five sources for SAT preparation

Offers individualized or small group support for standardized

science tests

Provides SAT Subject Tests and practice questions related

to science

Provides additional practice with reading comprehension

and long passages in the area of science

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