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View the following video titled:  The Burning of Black Wall Street-Tulsa, OK-Extra History

(A). Journal- 3-2-1 Reflection.
Answer the following:
List 3 facts from the video.
List 2 things you learned from the video.
List one question that you need clarity about from the video.
(B). What was the most important part of the video and why?
(C). Through the Eyes:
 Choose either Dick Rowland or Sarah Page and write from their perspective your thoughts on their thought process of the elevator incident.
(D). Directions: Complete the following activities from the video you viewed.
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(E). “Spill the Tea”
  • Create a gossip column on the elevator incident that started the fall of Black Wall Street. Be sure to include how Black Wall Street was established in the beginning to how it was demolished.
  • Pretend you were one of the successful black business owners during the Black Wall Street era and write a letter to a friend explaining the process of establishing your business in Tulsa, OK. 
(F). Black Wall Street Minecraft
  • If students have access to Minecraft, have them download the attached world “Black Wall Street”. Then, have students load the world in Minecraft: Education Edition. Once in the map, students will walk around Black Wall Street and complete the “Minecraft Activity Sheet” linked below.
  • If students do not have access to Minecraft but have access to the internet, they will complete the “Search for the Truth Activity Sheet” linked below.
(G). Final Project-My Very Own Pop-Up Shop!!!! 
You will create a product of your own to sell in a pop-up shop at Redan Middle School. You will be responsible of producing, advertising, and selling your product. (Additional information will be provided later).
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